By Neil Doyle

Road repairs were a key topic of discussion at the last Pontiac City Council meeting, and Mayor Bill Alvey says it’s part of an ongoing conversation.

Alvey told WJEZ’s Todd Wineburner that the city is working on finishing some projects that were started last year, as well as identifying the city streets most in need. “Mill Street and Water Street have a couple blocks that are in dire need, then another high priority is finishing up on Torrance Avenue which didn’t quite get completed at the end of last year,” said Alvey.

For residents who are concerned because repairs don’t always last, Alvey said the city will be using a new spray that’s designed to increase the life of blacktop streets. The product was successfully used on Deerfield Road and Alvey says the city is hopeful that it will also help in other parts of the city.

The city is trying to garner more funds for street repairs with an upcoming referendum on a sales tax increase. Voters will see a question regarding a 1 percent sales tax increase that will generate funds earmarked for street repair.

Alvey says street repair and improvement projects will begin when weather permits.



Different road repair projects are expected to start this spring.