Career Planning is Part of a Student’s Education at PTHS

By Neil Doyle

A faculty member at Pontiac Township High School is working with students to help them focus on their plans for the future.

The career and community coordinator at PTHS is Betsy Westergreen, in her first year in the position. Westergreen told WJEZ’s Todd Wineburner she meets with students to help assess their career interests and the best path moving forward after graduation.

Westergreen explained a program this fall, the high school marketplace, which helped connect students with businesses in the area.

“It allowed students to practice their networking skills and allowed them to learn what is offered in our community. It also let them learn what they can do after college to maybe get them back in the community,” Westergreen said.

The event brought businesses to the PTHS auditorium during lunch hours. The school plans another marketplace event for the spring.