Attention St. Louis Cardinal Fans

By Illinois Radio Network/Benjamin Yount

Illinois’ other baseball team is finally getting some license plate love from the state.

Fans of the 11-time world champion St. Louis Cardinals can finally, officially display their loyalty on their Illinois license plates.

Secretary of State Jesse White says his office is now offering official Cardinals license plates. The plates are white with the famous Bird on the Bat design, along with red letters and blue numbers.

“It’s a beautiful plate. It’s probably one of the best plates we’ve ever done,” White said. “Of course $25 from the sale of the license plates will go to the common school fund here in Illinois.”

White said it took years to deliver the plates.

“We have been inundated with a number of people calling us and asking about the St. Louis Cardinals license plates, particularly in southern Illinois,” White said.

From about Bloomington-Normal south, Illinois is St. Louis Cardinals territory, where there are more Cardinals fans than Cubs and White Sox fans.

Illinois drivers can already buy Chicago Cubs plates, as well as license plates for the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls and Chicago Bears.

Illinois also allows drivers to buy license plates for the state’s public universities.

The new Cardinals plates cost an extra $40. Drivers can request one at the Secretary of State’s website.