Counterfeit Money Leads to Three Arrests

By Neil Doyle

Three Chicago men were arrested Sunday for trying to use counterfeit 100-dollar bills in Pontiac and Dwight.

27-year old Jerome Mims, 21-year old Raheem Johnson and 25-year old Gregory Guy were taken into custody near Lexington by the Livingston County Sherrif’s Department, Chenoa Police and Illinois State Police.

Officers said the men tried using the counterfeit $100 bills to make smaller purchases at the Love’s in Dwight, Pontiac Advance Auto Parts and Pontiac Dollar General. Police said store employees were able to take pictures of the suspects and get a license plate number.

Authorities said the three men might be connected to other incidents in Wilmington, Naperville and Shorewood.

Authorities are reminding businesses to remain vigilant for small purchases using lager denominations.