How ag impacts Illinois, Livingston County

By Cynthia Grau/WJEZ News

The Pontiac Area Chamber of Commerce presented Issues and Eggs Wednesday morning and gave attendees a chance to hear some statistics about how agriculture in Livingston County impacts the state.

Farm Bureau President Jason Bunting, who is a longtime farmer himself, said he heard some surprising information.

“We had Mike Daugherty here to talk to Issues and Eggs about the agricultural economy here in Livingston County, and the numbers he came up with is there’s 3,020 jobs that agriculture generates in Livingston county, which is 16% of all jobs in the county. Interesting thing that Mike brought forth to us is there’s just shy of 1,350 individually-held farm enterprises in Livingston County, which is a number that surprised me when he first said it. That is 90 percent of all farms are family owned,” Bunting said.