Health Department Programs Returning to Pre-COVID Operation

By Todd Wineburner

In response to guidelines issued recently by the state of Illinois, the Livingston County Health Department is restoring home visitation programs to pre-COVID status. Seniors who are involved with the Community Care Program will once again be able to have in-home visits. Individuals or families who have young children or who are expecting a child will also be able to have help in their homes. Those services are provided through Health Families Illinois.

In-home services had to be modified to accommodate state policies during other parts of the pandemic. The current situation, however, allows face-to-face home visits to resume. Amy Lucas, LCHD Senior Services Coordinator, emphasizes that department employees will continue to focus on any precautions necessary to ensure the safety of personal visits.

More information about health department programs is available at (815) 844-7174. You can also visit the department’s website at