Unofficial Consolidated Election Results are In

By Todd Wineburner

A large number of county and municipal offices were decided in yesterday’s Consolidate Election. Here are some of the highlights:

In Pontiac, Bill Alvey was retained as mayor with 56 percent of the vote. Jeff Wallace was victorious in Flanagan with 81 percent. In Dwight, Paul Johnson carried the day with 67 percent of the vote. Gina Vernon won in Strawn with 59 percent. Randy Howland was elected in Emington with 68 percent of the vote. There were several other uncontested races for municipal leadership positions.

There were also referenda on the ballot. In Forrest, voters were asked about allowing cannabis dispensaries. That was an advisory referendum and voters opposed it 75 to 25 percent.

In Pontiac, there was a biding referendum for a tax increase aimed at infrastructure. That measure was defeated 59 percent to 41.

In Chatsworth, a tax increase question was successful with 64 percent of voters saying ‘yes’.

And in Gridley there were two tax questions on the ballot, both designed to generate revenue for fire protection services. Both measures were approved.

There were many county, township, and municipal races as well. For a complete rundown of the unofficial results of the April 6th elections, go to