Barickman Guardedly Optimistic About Returning to “Normal”

By Todd Wineburner

State Senator Jason Barickman says he sees a light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, but he goes on to say that the tunnel looks like a long one. Barickman says he’s encouraged by the way teachers, staff members, students, and parents have made their way into the fall of 2020 school year, but he adds that he’s hearing some troubling things. Barickman says policies differ from one school district to another and that a more comprehensive policy at the state level might make it better for all involved. He adds that he’s particularly concerned about liability issues facing the schools. “I think some of our schools feel as if they’re exposed to liability unnecessarily,” Barickman said in a recent interview. He says Governor J.B. Pritzker has so far not provided assurances to administrators.

Barickman says facilitating student success is crucially important for the state’s future. He adds that in his opinion virtual classes can’t replace the experience of teachers and students interacting face-to-face.

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