Livingston County COVID-19 Patient Talks About Her Condition

The Covid-19 virus/Photo courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

By Neil Doyle

The first Livingston County coronavirus patient is speaking out about her experience with the virus.

The woman is in her 60s and recently traveled, and is recovering at home in isolation. Wanting to remain anonymous, the woman says she had a fever along with aches and pains and thought she had the flu.

She was tested late last week and was positive for COVID-19.

“Physically I feel pretty good. I have a low-grade fever right now, but I cleaned my kitchen from top to bottom one day and I’ve been pretty active. Mentally, I feel like my feet have been kicked out from underneath me,” she said.

She says she’ll be at home in isolation until at least the end of the month.

“My doctor’s office has been calling my daily and so has the health department. I’m not taking any medication, I’ve been getting a lot of rest and drinking a lot of tea. Just trying to take care of myself.”

The Illinois Department of Public Health on Monday reported 236 new cases, bringing the state total 1,285. Health officials said there were three deaths in Cook County; two men in their 80s and a man in his 90s.