Heartland CC: Major Instructional Changes After Spring Break

By Todd Wineburner

Once the extended spring break is over, students at Heartland Community College will see a change in the way courses are presented. Steve Fast, Director of Public Information at Heartland, says students will not return to campus after the break, but will continue their semesters online. Fast says the changes extend of the administrative offices of the college as well. “In addition to moving all of our instruction options online, we are also moving our operations to a remote format.” For students, that simply means that registration, counseling and other services will be handled using the telephone or through online communication. In-person visits to Heartland offices will not be allowed until further notice.

Fast says details of laboratory-oriented classes are still being worked out, and he adds that Livingston County students who don’t have internet access should call (815) 842-6777 to develop an individual plan for continuing classes.

Fast emphasizes that Heartland officials are working to make sure that these COVID-19 precautions don’t disrupt a student’s academic course. “Know that  your investment in your education to this point and this half of the semester is not wasted.”

Fast reminds students that this is an unprecedented situation and that patience is going to be required as HCC officials work to adjust to a new way of presenting instruction. More information is available at the Heartland website, heartland.edu. You can hear WJEZ’s complete conversation with Steve Fast on the podcasts page at WJEZ.com.