Former WJEZ Host and Engineer Lane Lindstrom Honored in Springfield

By Neil Doyle

A long time radio industry professional was honored on the Illinois House floor this week.

State Representative Tom Bennett  (R-Gibson City) read House Resolution 582, recognizing Lane Lindstrom, who passed away in July.

Lindstrom was, at one time, part-owner of WJEZ as well as its engineer and program host. He worked at several radio staions throughout north central Illinois, as well.

“Lane is proud of his work, community, and family. He also had a song in his heart, and one of course in cue ready to play. Lindstrom’s family could not have asked for a better man to call a husband or papa. Lane would say, if you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” said Bennett as he read the resolution on the House floor.

Lindstrom was involved with several different organizations. He often provided music and public address services for events in the area, providing advice and expertise as well.

Lindstrom was 59.

Click here for the complete text of House Resolution 582.