Area Lawmaker Joins the Call for Ethics Reforms

State Representative Dan Brady/WJEZ file photo

By Neil Doyle

Illinois lawmakers on both sides want to pass several ethics reforms in the wake of two state lawmakers facing federal charges and another involved in a federal kickback probe.

State Rep. Dan Brady (R-Bloomington) represents southeastern Livingston County. He’s one of several legislators who want action to be taken this week, but the fall session wraps up Thursday. He said both sides should come together to root out corruption around the state.

“This is an opportunity to show taxpayers and constituents that we all represent that we can root out corruption in a bipartisan fashion,” said Brady.

Among the measures would be the creation a nine-member task force to identify areas of concern, review current ethics laws, and propose additional legislative solutions.

House Speaker Michael Madigan said he’s ready to bring forward ethics reforms.

After Thursday, lawmakers are not due back in Springfield until January.