Illinoisans Still Have Questions About REAL ID

By Neil Doyle

Starting October of next year, Illinoisans wishing to fly or enter a military base will need the REAL ID or have a valid passport.

Secretary of State spokesman Dave Drucker told WJBC’s Scott Miller a passport works in place of a REAL ID, but the new cards will not work in place of a passport for international travel.

“For people who want the REAL ID they should visit and it lists different documents needed to get the new cards at the DMV,” said Drucker.

Drucker said getting the REAL ID all boils down to the individual person.

“People who don’t plan on flying or they already have a valid passport, they won’t need the REAL ID. They’ll just need to renew their regular driver’s license,” Drucker said.

He added that so far, more people have signed up for the new cards in the Chicago area over places like Central Illinois.

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