Childress Calls On Legislators to Reconsider Cannabis Bill

Livingston County Sheriff Tony Childress/WJEZ file photo

By Neil Doyle

Livingston County Sheriff Tony Childress is calling on state legislators to address safety concerns prompted by the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act (SB 7) currently being debated in Springfield.

Along with the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association and Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, Sheriff Childress says the bill, as drafted, contains numerous provisions that create substantial enforcement challenges.

“The bill is being rushed, and profits and politics are being put over the public’s safety,” said Childress. “The sheriffs across Illinois have raised legitimate concerns about the increases we will see in impaired driving, crime and addiction. I hope our legislators that represent the citizens of Livingston County will look again at these concerns and work with us to adequately address them.”

Sheriffs across the state say a number of public safety issues need to be addressed in the bill. Impaired driving, increased crime, and insufficient resources to keep communities safe are all prominent on that list..