The Threshermen’s Parade Needs a Grand Marshall

By Todd Wineburner

This year’s Threshermen’s Reunion Parade is going to put the farm community in the spotlight. The annual parade is organized by the Pontiac Area Chamber of Commerce and Executive Director Mindi Terrell says the official theme will be “Honoring Our Farmers.” She says it’s a choice that just makes sense. “They (farmers) are just such a vital part of our community, and it’s the Threshermen’s Parade,” Terrell said. “There are a lot of tractors in it, so we just thought that was really appropriate for this year.” The parade steps off on Sunday, September 2nd, and Terrell says a Grand Marshall for the parade is also needed. Nominees should live in Livingston County, but there aren’t many requirements beyond that. She says making a nomination is as easy as making a phone call. “You can just call us and give us a name,” Terrell says, “and give us a little blurb of why you think they would be great. We can take it over the phone at 844-5131.” The deadline for Grand Marshall nominations is June 15th.