Jock Jibberish: What NOT to do in social situations

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Tune in this morning for Jock Jibberish with Todd and Cynthia. Today’s topic is “The Five Creepiest Things You can do in a Social Situation.”

Here’s the thing. This study was done recently through Knox College here in Illinois, because who wants to think they’re creepy?

What are situations that you’ve been in where you’ve been creeped out? How about sitting on an empty bus and one single person gets on and decides to sit right next to you instead of ANY OTHER SEAT AVAILABLE? Yeah, that person may want to just have a simple conversation, but in this era, everyone seems to have smartphones and can steer away from any interaction. That’s what makes that odd nowadays.

Other things are touchy people, dirty talking for no reason and randomly asking to take a picture with someone without YOU in it.

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