Drowsy Driving is a Growing Problem

By Neil Doyle

Driving under the influence often means being impaired by alcohol or drugs, but there is another hazard to be aware of on the roadways.

It’s National Sleep Awareness Week and Laura Adams, a safety consultant with DriversEd.com, said drowsy driving is a new term that implies to those who can’t stay awake behind the wheel.

“We know that there are about 1,500 deaths per year related to drowsy driving,” said Adams. “Many accidents happen from this about 100,000 motor vehicle crashes.”

Symptoms of drowsy driving are yawning, inability to keep eyes open and drifting into other lanes.

“This can happen to just about anyone whether it is a short drive to work or a long road trip,” Adams added.

For many people getting better sleep is the best fix, but some cases could be more serious like an untreated sleep disorder or medical problem.

More information on drowsy driving awareness can be found on DriversEd.com (https://driversed.com).

You can hear WJEZ’s conversation with Laura Adams on the podcasts page of this website, WJEZ.com.