Alexander Lumber Moving Resources to Fairbury

By WJBC Newsroom/Photo courtesy of WJBC

In an announcement that should benefit Livingston County, Alexander Lumber Company has announced it will merge its location in Gilman to lumberyards in Fairbury and Watseka.

The company made the announcement yesterday (Wednesday, 1/9/19), as the merge will serve Livingston and Iroquois Counties and the Kankakee area.

The business will also merge its location in Bloomington to its LeRoy lumberyard.

In a statement, Alexander Lumber said the closures come after extensive market research which shows it should focus resources on lumberyards located in major metro and mid-sized markets.

“We intend to focus on our core pro builder customer in the Chicago and other mid-sized markets, especially those in Wisconsin, Iowa, and other surrounding states, should any opportunities arise. These are the markets where we have been consistently successful and that allow us to operate to our strengths,” says Russ Kathrein, President/CEO of Alexander Lumber.

Lincoln and Canton are among the other sites slated for closure.

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