Spring Semester Pre-School Screenings Ready to Begin

By WJEZ Staff/WJEZ file photo

Pre-school screenings for children from infancy to 5 years old are set to begin in school districts throughout Livingston County starting next week. The screenings check a child’s vision and hearing, as well as their learning, motor and social skills. The results of childhood screenings help educators craft specific plans to meet each child’s particular needs. Screenings can also help parents know which aspects of development might be best for them focus on at home.

Prairie Central screenings are set for Wednesday and Thursday, January 16th at 17th. In Flanagan, Cornell, and Graymont screenings are set for Tuesday, January 29th. Screenings will continue through March in other Livingston County districts. For screening locations, other information, or to make an appointment, contact your local school district.