Red Cross seeking additional blood donors

The Red Cross wants people to recognize some misconceptions about blood donation as the organization looks for more donors. (Photo courtesy Pixabay)

By Patrick Baron

PONTIAC – The American Red Cross is seeking new blood donors following a decline of recurring donors.

Red Cross spokesperson Laura McGuire said the organization is attempting to educate the public on some misconceptions surrounding blood donation. She explained the Red Cross conducted a survey that illustrated how people aren’t complete aware on how often blood is needed to save a life.

“We did a survey not too long ago and we asked people how often they think somebody needs blood,” said McGuire. “A lot of people told us a couple of hours or fifteen minutes. But the truth is blood is needed every two seconds in the United States.”

McGuire noted the Red Cross suggests people should make sure they have a full stomach and aren’t dehydrated if they plan on donating. She said doing so can help prevent the possibility of passing out during a donation.

“We always want our donors to be healthy, so we do ask that you stay very well hydrated and if you know eat before you’re going to donate blood, be sure to eat a lot of iron-enriched food,” McGuire explained.

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