Mayor updates crowd on positive momentum in Pontiac

By Cynthia Grau/WJEZ News

The Pontiac Area Chamber of Commerce welcomed Pontiac Mayor Bob Russell as the guest speaker for Tuesday’s Issues and Eggs.

Russell gave the crowd an update on all of the positive things happening with the city. He highlighted some of his speech with the biggest upcoming projects.

“The new sanitary sewer plan is massive. It’s a four or five year project at about $30 million. We have to add things to meet EPA regulations, so that’s a big project for us. We talked about the Kmart plaza and redeveloping that. The coaches – they can raise the funds and they feel they won’t have any trouble because of some of the large foundations with some very famous people – that plaza will develop. They already have 21 stores ready to come there. The Humiston Riverside Park – the Humiston Trust is going to spend a little over $2 million to rebuild that entire park. That’s a lot of jobs building this, but it’s a really nice addition to our city. A lot of big things going on that keeps us really busy, but they’re really positive things. In this economy, you have to be creative or you will not survive, so it is working,” Russell said.